We want what everybody want.
A punch in the face for
Roger Ver

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This idea came last year when one of us listened to a speech by Roger Ver. Annoyed by all the crap and lies Ver said and knowing his past, there was a desire to give him a punch in the face at the moment.

The intent did not go away and his recent and increasingly provocative actions have made us think seriously at One Punch For Ver.

We talked about it for a long time and we thought in detail how we could act and because we could not travel to Roger, we waited for the next Bitcoin event in China to take place. Finally CoinGeek Conference was announced in Honk Kong, we checked speakers list...and YESSS... Roger Ver is on the list ☺.

A laborious plan was created to avoid being cought and with some help from a third party we are sure that we can do it. Of course we also have a back-up plan that involve some Professional bullies with quite high costs, but affordable in Yuan renminbi (Yen).

The goal of this site, created in less than 24 hours (do not laugh at the design), is to strain Roger Ver and also provide us with the necessary support and motivation. We will keep an eye on the social media websites (#OnePunchForVer) and if we find a good question we will respond here.


Bellow is a countdown timer for the CoinGeek Conference. Around that day we plan to deliver a punch in the face of Roger Ver. A gap of 2-3 days is expected, before or immediately after the proposed day.

-8Days -18Hours -49Minutes -45Seconds

Questions and Answers

If we find good questions on social networks we will try to add our answer here

Is this website a joke?

No! We propose to end our move with a real punch in the face of Roger Ver.


How many are you?

We are 2 guys from China. Our exactly location will not be revealed, but one of us has already seen Roger Ver last year at the Shape The Future Summit around Grand Hyatt hotel from Hong Kong. We also guarantee that both of us know how to deliver a punch.


What guarantee do you have that you will do what you propose?

We thought about this for a long time ago and recents actions of Roger like offering money to reddit for r/Bitcoin, promoting BCash as Bitcoin, confusing people on BitcoinCom, spending money aggresivelly into an inefficient and stupid "war" and many more lies; made us talk more about a punch for Ver and depending on the support and motivation we will receive, a punch in face will be delivered by one of us (while the other will shoot) or if we lose our courage we will pay a PRO to do this for us.


You are not afraid that you will be caught?

We already thought about this risk and have a detailed plan to avoid to being caught. We intent to give to Ver what he deserves before or immediately after the proposed day. A gap of 2-3 days is expected. We also want a stressed Ver near that day ;)

What kind of punch will Roger get?

We are not decided about this choice, but below, you can complete our poll and help us.

Depending on our speed or position and Ver's face position we may not succeed in what you voted for, but we will do our best to achieve our desired aim.

How would you like to see Roger Ver punched?
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